Stacey Pilgrim teamed up with waste disposal company Blockade

Feb 28, 2023News

Stacey Pilgrim, Green Party candidate for Trench ward, teamed up with waste disposal company Blockade today. He is concerned that the council cutting the bulky waste collection service has left many residents stranded if they cannot pay the £58, per bulky item. We are monitoring the increase in flytipping incidents in Tonbridge and think the two issues are related. The council says the service was cut because there is little demand. We arranged this free, one-off, collection between 8am-12 noon at Longmead carpark next to the council bins, and found there is demand! The people who came today all want to see this service restored. We think it is the council’s responsibility to recycle and dispose of waste responsibly, and possibly save the council money that they pay to clear away flytipped rubbish!

Types of waste people wanted to discard
Car-loads of Waste
Empty to full skip in a morning
Car-loads of Waste
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