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Robert Oliver candidate for Cage Green and Angel ward

Robert Oliver Councillor for Cage Green and Angel ward

I have lived in Tonbridge for over 20 years and have been a member of the Green Party for most of that time. My children grew up here and attended local schools. Whilst currently living in Judd Ward, I previously lived in the Dry Hill Park area for 10 years, have relatives living in the new Cage Green/Angel ward and work in the town as a history teacher.

Walking through town to work every day and being a keen litter picker, I am well aware of many of the problems that face Tonbridge and, in particular, some of the problems that have been caused by local planning decisions. I would enthusiastically represent the interests of Cage Green/Angel Ward and also feel that some of the problems that Tonbridge is experiencing could have been addressed and alleviated by a more diverse Council. At present, the sheer size of the Tory majority on the Council has led to a lack of accountability and scrutiny  and I would be very keen to help address this.