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Bethan Parry candidate for Cage Green and Angel ward

Bethan Parry Councillor for Cage Green and Angel ward

I’m a single mother to two girls, three if you include our greyhound! Originally from
Liverpool, I headed to study civil engineering at Imperial College in South Kensington. Following this, found my way to shipping liability, underwriting for Steamship Insurance Management Services in The City where I worked for over 10 years. When my second child arrived, I decided to embrace motherhood full time and moved to Tonbridge and became friend and neighbour to Borough Councillor, Anna Cope. Two years ago I returned to work on the support team for the NHS Volunteer Responders – much of this time spent helping people struggling with food poverty.

I have considered myself to be “Green” all my adult life and been drawn to the Green Party’s sincere, inclusive and future-focused style of politics (something so often lacking from the other main parties). I was happy to remain on the outskirts of politics but seeing Anna’s remarkable achievements with the council over the last year has encouraged and inspired me to believe that I too can, and should step up, and get involved at a local level to preserve our green spaces and keep our ward free of litter and flytipping that harm residents and wildlife.