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Steve Crisp candidate for Bourne ward

Steve Crisp Councillor for Bourne ward

I was born in Tonbridge but have lived and worked in Hadlow for over 35 years as a professional artist. My four children all went to Hadlow School where I was on the PTA for 12 years, two as Chairman.
It’s a wonderful place to live, especially as I love cycling, walking and playing golf, and being part of village life. I have based many of my rustic paintings on Hadlow and the surrounding areas.
I am passionate about protecting all that is great about living here especially for my kids, but now I feel deeply concerned about the effects the policies of this Conservative government are having, and will have, on our lives.
The unprecedented wave of planning proposals for poorly conceived housing estates threatens thousands of areas of Green Belt and farmland, biodiversity and food production at a time where we need to be more sustainable!
With the inevitable increase in traffic congestion, pollution, sewage problems, poor waste removal and decreasing funding for public transport I feel that representing the Green Party would be a way for me to make a difference. Something needs to be done.